Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Bye-Bye Wisdom…

Cheers! (Joy)

(All hands held the drinks up high)

 All sitting around the round table gently stroke their beverage glasses with one another’s high up in the middle. What a memorable clicking sound of glasses that was! They were many. The restaurant and the party were lavish. All glittered in the atmosphere; the ecstasy being divine. The gossips, the pats on the back, the cuisine, the glistening neon illuminations and the company… all had the best time ever with one another.
Soft reviving music in the background… For some, it was that music which helped them recall everything about one another. For me, they didn't need any music. The strings of their hearts generated enough of music to fall in love with the moment. That night, their eyes shed waterfalls. And there had to come a moment, at last, when they had to look in one another’s eyes and still stay quiet. From heart to heart, it went then. And it was evident that it will have to go the same way from then onward…

All were happy they didn't have any debt of emotions to pay. All apologies practically offered and granted. They were all about to depart rich and contented. A tearful inner satisfaction existed among them. 

*May you stay blessed and happy wherever you go… Here we separate. Farewell!*


Many years ago, you came to me and advocated the notion of “Living the moment”. You were actually worried about me. You took me to one side and tried to express… that wherever we go in life, we would be connected still. Hey! Who doesn’t want to live the moment? But not everyone is mature enough to do that. Some might live the moment at the cost of ruining the rest of their lives and that of others. So it’s again a general fear… Distance is a wise thing, you see. Trust me. I am just trying to preserve the charm of our inevitable farewell since the very first day. A happy ending note must not be compromised.

I have tried to live most of the moments nevertheless, except the one when you left. I couldn’t live it. It all started the day I asked you to be wise and forget me. And that strength lies in forgetting. You decided to show me your strength and were perhaps way too stronger. At different times of the year, you kept on reminding me that you were very happy you had not been depending on me for quite some time. All was going according to the plan. And I was glad you were becoming wiser… that my role as your crutches was fading away… I had longed for that. By then, I had a new dream- to make sure you could stay blissfully forever without me.

How childish it had been of us as kids! Childhood had been such a fantastic time. We used to think every destination was so simple to reach at. That victory is a piece of cake. Growing up, getting educated, having an ideal job and touring the whole world used to be the hallmarks of my dreams. I never knew some people would become such a crucial part of me that their likes and dislikes would become the way of my life. They would become my destiny. That making them smile would become the criterion of my being successful. See how unpredictable life is! Sometimes crossing a single speed breaker becomes a matter of life and death. The question of reaching the building ahead seems a far cry.

I would persist. I would stick to being masked. I would keep saying “I am fine”. But you would keep on inquiring continuously. I would get irritated, go out in the park and sit on a bench alone. You would follow and sit beside me on the bench after 5 minutes, embrace me and I would make your shoulder wet with all the answers of your queries. I would want to rest my head on your shoulder a bit longer and you would enjoy doing anything to make me comfortable. You would be a friend. After a decade, I might not remember anything but I would always remember weeping on your shoulder…

You trust me too much :’( It gives me fear. I know we won’t be together forever and I regret knowing that in the first place. But the circumstances have compelled me to think practically; hence the mask of not wanting love from anyone. I do it with a caring intention. No offence meant. I would wish to care about you behind your back. You know what; the music doesn't invoke in me what it does in others. I am on a mission to nurture selflessness. For others, the tenure of the music comprises life. But my life starts after the music. At the end of the melody, I would get up, put the bag on my shoulder and walk away silently, not because we broke up or had any misconception but because my job would have been done by then. 

I would leave you in the city and head towards the mountains. After making it to the top of some far off desolated spot, I would settle. And every night, I would come out of my haven, face towards your town, and see your place glowing out among those millions of radiant houses of the city which come in my birds eye view.  I would see the light of your house from far away… till the sun rises again… And utter with deep sighs, “My job is done”… :’)

*May you stay blessed and happy wherever you live… Here we separate. Farewell!*

And life goes on...

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  1. BRILLIANT Ahmad!!!
    So Engrossing, i wanna keep on reading it!!! I could see a film running in my mind as i read through it.. Maza aa gaya (Y)