Sunday, 25 October 2015


Winter O winter, you lay
Tempting grounds for me to say
What, to my heart, had brought
A burdensome weight, a sorrowful thought
Since last time; and again, this time around
In you, will some find that sound
Which ears looked for all year
And picture which eyes wanted to hear
In you, will some drown in thoughtful sea
And some will talk philosophy of tea
Some open the trunks for warm attire
Your nights embellish works of satire
Memories with you are knotted for most
For few, you are a seasonal ghost
But, this time, you've come to my door
In form anew, like never before
You've coupled with the change in myself
That change is a winter in itself
Empty, quiet, sad and cold
Like humanity has been sold
Leaving mere time to ensue
No fall in love but the fall before you
In you, of mine, rests a splinter
Just like you, I am Winter.

(Syed Ahmad Raza)


  1. You've coupled with the change in myself.

    Btw bahaar kab ani hai? 😉

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