Monday, 4 July 2016

Long live...

Long live the conventions of the East!
The murderer of hearts and whatever lies within
The shackles of which are more tormenting
Than the merciless daggers piercing your skin.

Long live the investment of the guardians!
The favour an innocent so helplessly succumbs to
The burden of which is inevitably heavier
Than the remorse of sins at the death bed.

Long live the moments of solitude!
The haven an introvert so desperately longs for
The companionship of whom is breathtakingly warmer
Than the ones you so forcibly call your family.

Long live the corruption in grooming!
The dose a newborn is given like vaccine
The aftermath of which is heinously more grave
Than the mistakenly pills that stopped your heart.

Long live the fire of the rebellion!
The heat of which will stay inside and never menifest
The damage of which is uncomfortably severer
Than a house all burnt and nothing remains rest.

(Syed Ahmad Raza)

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