Thursday, 15 December 2016

With you

With you goes away my will to write;
No poem, no wish to suffer in dim light
Old days seem so old as if a previous life
New days, so new-a rewardful afterlife
No more do I walk with a wish to be loved
No more do I talk with a fear of being cuffed
Through you have I been blessed with a cause
That race i was in, beautifully has a pause.

-Syed Ahmad Raza


  1. Wow! Love this.

    Its a dreadful feeling to helplessly run in a race that defies your intellect, to chase what can't be attained.

    But there is a respite!
    It is the calm that washes over once you quit.

    There is much courage in giving up and only the wise know this.
    And the wise also know that all the running was not in vain, it brought you personal growth if nothing else.