Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Don't make me believe!

The pen that once used to race
With an undulating grace
Revealing the moments of strife
In my fantasies and realities of life
For the confidence in me ensued
The belief I have always pursued
that "Preach what you conceive at heart"
For your existence is an ideological mart
Where people come and go
In their minds some seeds I sow
Of care, truth and justice
Which I wish them to practise
Because in those virtues, I believed
And my conscience was spiritually relieved
But then, with intentions to loot
Some robbers came and began to shoot
The delicacies of my ideological mart
Those evils hit the dart of my heart
My urge to preach died there and then
And beliefs were torn by the lions in den
My pen that once used to race
Broke it's nib, like splinters in trace
And now I repent the moment I was given
The choice to breed faith that was driven
O world! don't make me believe from now on
For the days of inner beauty are long gone!

(Syed Ahmad Raza)
(In KELS short story writing competition)

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